Managing Equity Portfolios

ISBN 10 : 9780262323024
ISBN 13 : 0262323028

Portfolio management is a tough business. Each day, managers face the challenges of an ever-changing and unforgiving market, where strategies and processes that worked yesterday ma..

Active Equity Portfolio Management

ISBN 10 : 1883249309
ISBN 13 : 9781883249304

Active Equity Portfolio Management provides an overview of the philosophies, methodologies, and strategies involved in attempting to beat the market. The book covers a host of rele..

Derivatives And Equity Portfolio Management

ISBN 10 : 1883249600
ISBN 13 : 9781883249601

Frank Fabozzi and Bruce Collins fully outline the ins and outs of the derivatives process for equity investors in Derivatives and Equity Portfolio Management. A significant investm..

Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management

ISBN 10 : 0071492380
ISBN 13 : 9780071492386

Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management brings the orderly structure of fundamental asset management to the often-chaotic world of active equity management. Straightforward and ac..

Selected Topics In Equity Portfolio Management

ISBN 10 : 1883249376
ISBN 13 : 9781883249373

There are many styles, models, and factors that go into the management of an equity portfolio. The traditional manager's focus on stock picking and the resulting ad hoc nature of p..

Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management

ISBN 10 : 9781420010794
ISBN 13 : 1420010794

Quantitative equity portfolio management combines theories and advanced techniques from several disciplines, including financial economics, accounting, mathematics, and operational..

Managing Investment Portfolios

ISBN 10 : 9780470635346
ISBN 13 : 0470635347

"A rare blend of a well-organized, comprehensive guide to portfolio management and a deep, cutting-edge treatment of the key topics by distinguished authors who have all practiced ..